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The Department of Women & Child Development, GNCTD, has a significant role in promoting the well-being and protection of women and children in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Established as a separate department on 14th November 2007, it was bifurcated from the Department of Social Welfare to exclusively focus on issues related to women and children. In August 2020, the department gained independent cadre controlling authority status, further solidifying its commitment to its mandate.

Vision: The vision of the Department of Women & Child Development, GNCTD, is to create a society where women and children are treated with dignity, respect, and equality. The department envisions a society that provides ample opportunities for the holistic development of women and children, ensuring their well-being and empowerment.

Mission: The primary mission of the Department of Women & Child Development is to protect and empower women in distress and children in difficult circumstances within the National Capital Territory of Delhi. The department achieves this mission through a range of welfare services and development programs tailored to the needs of women and children.


  1. Women's Welfare: The department focuses on providing comprehensive support to women in distress through financial assistance, protection homes, and skill development initiatives.
  2. Child Welfare: It implements institutional and non-institutional services and programs under the Juvenile Justice Act-2000 and Juvenile Justice Act 2015, ensuring the care, treatment, rehabilitation, and protection of children.
  3. Empowerment: The department runs initiatives like Mahila Sashakti Karan Kendra, empowering women with skills and knowledge for self-sufficiency.
  4. Holistic Development: It aims to provide a conducive environment for the holistic development of women and children by offering educational programs, healthcare services, and opportunities for skill development.
  5. Financial Assistance: Various schemes, such as Mission Vatsalya, LADLI for the girl child, and financial assistance to women in distress, are implemented to provide financial aid to those in need.
  6. One Stop Centre: The department operates the One Stop Centre to support victims of sexual offenses, offering a comprehensive range of services under one roof.
  7. Saheli Samanvay Kendra (SSK): The SSK serves as a support center for women, offering guidance and assistance to those in need.
  8. Grant-in-Aid: The department provides financial support to voluntary organizations working for the welfare of women and children.
  9. Probation Services: It offers probation services under the Juvenile Justice Act and rehabilitation services to children in difficult circumstances.
  10. Adoption and Foster Care Services: The department facilitates adoption and foster care services, ensuring the well-being and care of orphaned or vulnerable children.
  11. Protection Services: The department is committed to providing protection services for women victims of domestic violence, ensuring their safety and support.

In addition to these initiatives, the Department of Women & Child Development, GNCTD, currently operates 23 institutions for children under the Juvenile Justice Act-2000. The department also manages Nari Niketan, Foster Care, and After Care Services, along with financial assistance schemes that contribute to the well-being of both children and women.