Education work for prevention of Atrocities on Women

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Under the scheme grants are extended to various agencies to conduct legal literacy camps, para legal workers training, production of publicity material, seminars, workshops and to promote studies on gender and violence. The focus is on educating people on legislation and its enforcement to prevent social crimes against women. Objective To promote propaganda, publicity and research work for prevention of atrocities on women viz, rape, dowry deaths, wife-beating, alcoholism, eve-teasing etc. Implementing Agencies Voluntary Organisations, Universities, ITIs and other institutions of higher learning. Target Group/Beneficiaries Women as a class who have been subjected to deprivation, brutality and extortion. Pattern of Assistance Assistance will be admissible for: Production and publication of educative journals, articles, books and publicity material like pamphlets, booklets, hoardings, posters, slogans etc. depicting themes of violence against women. Surveys, Studies on particular aspects of violence/atrocities against women. Full fledged academic research will not be supported under this programme. Awards to best films, short plays, short stories, poems, and other creative efforts. Dissemination of information or material in the form of films/books and other material in regional languages and all activities connected therewith. This may include the cost of translation, dubbing, subtitiling etc. Holding of seminars/conference/meetings, exhibitions, film festivals / film shows, essay/debates etc. Honorarium to social workers/evaluators/judges of essay/ debates etc. Holding of training camps for social and other workers, including Government functionaries. Legal literacy training camps/para-legal training for women Lok Adalats/preparation of Legal Literacy hand books, guides, primers etc. Using of traditional media for raising awareness relating to violence against women such as street plays, puppetry and other traditional art forms. The first installment will be released as soon as possible for the year to which the application pertains and the size of the second installment shall be determined on the basis of the actual expenditure of the first six months of the year. Eligibility Conditions The organisation working for social uplift and betterment of women and should ordinarily be in the existence for a period of 2 years (relaxable in special cases) and should have one of the following characteristics (a) Register under Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Act XXI of 1860); (b) A public trust registered under any law for the time being in force; or (c) a charitable company licensed under S.25 of companies act, 1858.

Procedure for Applying Proposal in the prescribed format through the state government should be sent to Deputy Secretary (WD) Department of Women & Child Development Ministry of Human Resource Development Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 Tel. No. 011-3381875, Fax. 011-3381800 Documents to be enclosed along with the proposal As at S.No. 7 of the application form. Application Form Assistance to voluntary Organisations for Education Work for Prevention of Atrocities on Women Name and Address of the Organisation Nature of the Organisation Date of establishment Brief history and brief account of activities of the organisations since inception Whether registered by any State Govt.

If so, by which of the State Government Whether recognised under Indian Societies Act, (XXI) of 1860 List of papers/statement to be attached Prospectus of the organisation or brief description of its objects and activities; Constitution of the Board of Management and the particular of each member; Constitution of the Organisation A copy of the Annual report for the previous year;

A copy each of the receipt and disbursement statement and balance sheet for the previous one year certified by a Chartered Accountant or a Government Auditor; Detailed budget estimates for the year for which grant is required giving item-wise expenditure A statement indicating the sources from which the counter-part expenditure is yet to be met; and Information relating to the grant received or request thereof made, if any to other bodies e.g. University, Central / State Government. Central Social Welfare Board or Local Bodies/Quasi Government Institutions for the purpose.

The Decision of these bodies on such request should be communicated to the Department. List of additional papers, if any; Has the organisation applied for or Received assistance from the State/Central Social Welfare Board for Awareness Generation Camps/Public Co-operation Camps? If so, give Details; Additional information, if any Signature of the Secretary/President of the Organisation (with stamp