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Under the scheme financial assistance is extended to various agencies for undertaking those activities for the welfare and development of women and children which are not covered under any programme of the Department.

  • To encourage innovative projects in the field of women and child development. Implementing AgenciesVoluntary Organizations/Institutions, Universities, Research Institutes, including those set up and funded by Central Government/State Government/Public Sector undertaking/Local Authority/Cooperative Institutions. Target Group /Beneficiaries: Children and Women Pattern of Assistance

    Financial assistance will be given upto 90 per cent of the approved cost on recurring and non-recurring expenditure and the balance of 10 per cent is to be met by the voluntary agency or any other organisation but preferably by the voluntary organisation itself. In the case of an organisation located in remote backward and tribal area where both voluntary and Government effort is very limited but the need for the service is very great. Government may bear 95 per cent of the approved cost.

    Government grant for building will be limited to Rs. 350 lakh or 90 per cent of the approved cost, whichever is less.

    The organisation will not receive a grant from any other source for the same purpose and activity. However, there would be no objection if funds for the additional beneficiaries or supportive services are obtained from some other source.

    Grants will be released in appropriate installments. In the first year of any project the first installment will be released with the sanction of the grant so as to cover non-recurring expenditure and six months recurring expenditure. Applications for release of second or subsequent installments shall be accompanied by a statement of expenditure upto the previous quarter (for quarters ending June, September and December).

    For continuing projects, on a formal request being made by the organisation in the beginning of the financial year, the Department may, at its discretion, release upto 75 per cent of the grants-in-aid in a particular year on the basis of the unaudited statements of expenditure for the previous year. The remaining 25 per cent may be released after receipt of audited statement expenditure for the previous year and utilization certificate.


    Eligibility Conditions
  • The organisation should have experience of working in that programme or related area or should show evidence of competence to take up the proposed scheme.
  • The organisation should be a well managed stable organisation with facilities, resources and personnel to undertake welfare work.
  • It should not be run for profit to any individual or body of individuals.
  • It should have a properly constituted Managing Body with its powers, duties and responsibilities clearly defined and laid down in a written Constitution.
  • Its services should be open to all without distinction of caste, religion or language.
  • It should be possible to relate the number of years of useful work the organisation has done with the quantum of grant that should be given.
    Procedure for applying

    Proposal in the prescribed format should be sent through the State Government to The Director (CW) Department of Women and Child Development Ministry of Human Resource Development Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001 Tel. 011-3389434, Fax. 011-3381800

    In the case of national organizations the Department may entertain an application directly from the organisation and may obtain the recommendations of the State/UT, if needed.

    Documents to be enclosed along with the application

    1. The Constitution of the Association, its articles of memorandum, and its aims and objectives;
    2. Constitution of the Board of Management, present membership, date when the present Board of Management was constituted;
    3. Last Annual Report;
    4. Information relating to the grants received or likely to be received from Central / State Government or any other body including local bodies or voluntary organizations. If any applications are pending with these organizations for similar grant the details in this regard should be given;
    5. A statement of full receipt and expenditure of the organisation /institution for the last two years and a copy of the balance sheet for the previous year. These should be certified by CA or a Government authority (this is applicable to organizations which have existed for more than two years).