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Honorarium of AWWs/AWHs:-


Pursuant to Cabinet Decision No. 3072 dated 25.02.2022, the honorarium of Anganwadi Workers and Anganwadi Helpers was enhanced effective from March 2022, as per the following:-

  1. The Honorarium of AWWs was enhanced from Rs. 9678/- per month to Rs. 11,220/- per month. The Honorarium of AWHs was enhanced from Rs. 4839/- per month to Rs. 5610/- per month. 
  2. Given the functional requirement of various kinds of development activities performed by AWWs/AWHs for the well-being of women and children, it has also been decided to pay an additional amount as Conveyance & Communication Allowance @ Rs. 1500/- per AWW per month and @ Rs. 1200/- per AWH per month w.e.f. March, 2022 onwards.


Central Share


State Share


Communication & Conveyance Allowance