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Scheme - Behavioural change for dignity of women

The dignity of women is a fundamental aspect of a just and equitable society. Recognizing the need for positive change, the scheme aimed at transforming behaviours, attitudes, and perceptions to ensure the dignity and respect of women across Delhi through Advertisement and Publicity. 

The scheme for behavioural change is a bold step towards upholding the dignity of women in Delhi. By fostering a culture of respect, equality, and empowerment, we envision a future where every woman in the city can thrive without compromise. Collaborative efforts, backed by education, empowerment, community engagement, and youth involvement, will drive this transformation and pave the way for a more inclusive and dignified society for women.

Implementation of Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961

Despite the enactment of the Anti-Dowry Act, 1961, the evil practice of dowry persists in almost all income groups and segments of population. It is well accepted that a mere enactment of this legislation will not be enough and the deep rooted social evil of dowry can be tackled effectively with greater public awareness and cooperation. For implementation of the said Act Department of Women and Child Development, Delhi Government (DWCD) to undertake mass campaign and make concerted drive for generating public awareness and social action against the practice of dowry. 

The implementation of Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 is the responsibility of State Government; therefore, all District Officers of DWCD have been designated as Reconciliation and Guidance Officers and Dowry Prohibition Officers of their districts vide order F.No. 56(99)/DWCD/RTE/2022-23/17619 dated 13.12.2022. The State Government has notified Dowry Prohibition Rules, 2000 vide Delhi Gazette Notification No. 169 dated 6.10.2010. However, at present the Protection Officers in districts placed under the supervision of District Officers/District Dowry Prohibition Officers are also looking after the work of Dowry Prohibition along with Protection of women from Domestic Violence. 

Address of WCD District Officers/Reconciliation Cum Guidance Officers/District Dowry Prohibition Officers.

1) District North, 20-21, Gulabi Bagh Shopping Complex (Near Super Bazar) Gulabi Bagh, Delhi - 110007, Ph No:- 011- 23645370 , 23645382.

2) District South, Kasturba Niketan (Near Jal Vihar Terminal) Lajpat Nagar-II, Delhi - 110024, Ph No:- 011 - 29829812, 29829813.

3) District East, Silai Kadhai Kendra, Block-10 (Near Shamshan Ghat) Geeta Colony, Delhi - 110031, Ph No:- 011- 22073012 , 22073014.

4) District West, Nirmal Chhaya Complex (Near Hari Nagar Bus Depot) Jail Road Hari Nagar, Delhi - 110064, Ph No:- 28520952.

5) District North East, Sanskar Ashram Complex (Near GTB Hospital Gate no.7), GTB Enclave, Dilshad Garden, Delhi - 110093, Ph No:-011- 22127741, 22127742.

6) District North West - I, Silai Kendra, F Block Mangol Puri, Delhi - 110083, Ph No:-011- 27915811 , 27911360.

7) District North West - II, District Office Room No.4, Sewa Kutir Complex, Kingsway Camp, Delhi - 110009, Ph No:-011- 27655502 , 27656841.

8) District South West, 23-24, Udhyog Sadan (Behind Qutub Hotel) Qutub Institutional Area, Delhi - 110067, Ph No:-011- 26534151 , 25323930.

9) District Central, GLNS Complex (Behind Firozeshah Kotla Stadium), Delhi Gate, Delhi - 110002, Ph No:-011- 23392480, 23724054.

10) District New Delhi, Flat No.11 First Floor, Block No. 02, Shankar Market, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110001, Ph No:-011, 23411094, 23411095 .