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Under the scheme, the voluntary organisation which are implementing the programmes for the welfare and development of the women and children, are extended grant-in-aid to maintain their Central Office so that their activities are carried out smoothly and efficiently. Objective To meet the deficit of the maintenance costs of Central Office of the Voluntary Organisation implementing welfare schemes for women and children. Implementing Agencies The Scheme is being implemented through Voluntary Organisations. Target Group/Beneficiaries Voluntary Organisation working in the field of welfare of women and children and having deficit in the maintenance of the central office of the Organisation. Eligibility Conditions The Organisation should be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Act XXI of 1860) and have existed for a period of two years, should have facilities, resources, personnel & experience for undertaking welfare programmes for women & children. Its annual expenditure for entitlement to grant-in-aid should not be less than Rs.50,000/- Pattern of Assistance The assistance will be admissible for expenditure on salaries and allowances of professional and non-professional staff and upto 50 per cent of expenditure on (i) Purchase of office equipment, (ii) TA/DA for professional and honorary workers and (iii) Stationery, Telephone, Postage and other contingencies. The quantum of assistance shall be determined in each case of merit and shall not exceed Rs.50,000/- per annum or the annual deficit, whichever is less. Procedure for Applying Proposal in the prescribed application through the State Government should be sent to The Director (TR) Department of Women and Child Development Ministry of Human Resource Development Ist Floor, Jeevandeep Building Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110 001 (Tel. No. 011-3389434 Fax. 011-3348521, 3381800) However, the Department may, at its discretion, entertain application, direct from all India or major voluntary organisations of repute and good standing. Documents to be enclosed As in item 4 of the application. Application Form Application form for grant under the scheme of organisational assistance to Voluntary Organisation for Women and Child Development (Note Application received in an incomplete form will not be entertained) Name and complete postal address of the organisation Date of registration and the name of the registering authority Brief history of the activities of the organisation (may be sent only in the case of first application) List of papers/statements to be attached. Prospectus of the organisation or a brief description of the objects and activities (may be sent only in the case of first application) A copy of the Constitution of the organisation may be sent only in the case of first application) Name and full particulars of the Board of Management/Governing Body etc. of the organisation and the date of its constitution, date of expiry of its tenure may also be given. A copy of annual report for the previous year, This should give the physical targets achieved for different activities during the year. A detailed budget estimate showing income and expenditure of the year to which the application pertains. A list of members of the Capital Office, indicating their names, designations, scale of pay, monthly salary other allowances, and total amount paid during the previous year; a similar statement of estimate of payments during the year for which grant is requested should be submitted. An audited statement of the accounts (viz. The balance sheet, income and expenditure statement and receipt and payment account) of the entire organisation/institution for the year certified by a Chartered Accountant or Government Auditor. A separate audited statement of income and expenditure relating to the central office of the organisation should also be furnished. Utilisation certificate duly signed by Chartered Accountant (in duplicate) in respect of previous year's grant. Grant received or request made, if any, to other bodies e.g. University, Central/State Government, Central Social Welfare Board, or local bodies, quasi-government institutions for the purpose. The decision of those bodies on such request should be communicated to the Ministry. List of additional papers, if any Additional information if any. Signature of the Secretary/ President of the Organisation with stamp