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The SSH scheme for women and girls extends temporary shelter and rehabilitation to those women and girls who have no social support systems due to family problems, mental strains, social ostracism, exploitation and other causes. It creates a space for women to socially and economically equip themselves to face the challenges. The services extended in these homes include medical care, psychiatric treatment, case work services, occupational therapy, educational cum vocational training, recreational facilities, etc. Objectives To provide temporary shelter and support to women and girls who have no social support systems to rely on. To rehabilitate the women and girls socially and economically by provision of skill training, counselling. Implementing Agencies Non-Government Voluntary Organisations, a Public Trust registered under any law for the time being in force, local bodies or other bodies as specified by the Project Sanctioning Committee from time to time. Target Group/Beneficiaries Those who are being forced into prostitution. Those who, as a result of family tension or discord, are made to leave their homes without any means of subsistence and have no social protection from exploitation and/or facing litigation on account of marital disputes. Those who have been sexually assaulted and are facing the problem of re-adjustment in the family or society. Victims of mental maladjustment, emotional disturbances and social ostracism. Those who escape from their homes due to family problems, mental/physical treatment and counseling for their rehabilitation and re-adjustment in family/society. Girls, between the age group of 15 to 35 years should be given preference. Children accompanying the mother or born in the Institution may be permitted to stay in the Home only upto the age of 7 years, after which they may be transferred to children's institutions or provided foster care facilities. Pattern of Assistance (Amount in Rupees) Item Per Month Annual A - Salary Superintendent 2,500 30,000 Training and Rehabilitation Officer 2,000 24,000 Medical Doctor (Part time) 600 7,200 Counsellor (Full time) 3,000 36,000 Clerk (Typing, Accounting and Store Keeper) 1,500 18,000 Chowkidar/Peon (two persons per Home) 800 each 19,200 Total 11,200 1,34,400 B - Other Recurring Office contingencies - 10,000 Medical expenses - 8,000 Maintenance of Residents @ (Rs. 500 per resident p.m. for 30 residents) - 1,80,000 Rehabilitation expenses 15,000 Rent# 4,000* (C-class cities) 48,000 Pocket Money (average of 7 children per home) 175 (@ Rs. 25 per child) 2,100 Education for the children (average of 7 children per home) - 3,850 (@ Rs. 550 per child) Total (a+b) Based on rent for class C city 4,01,350 @ to increase at the rate of 10 per cent each year; and # to increase at the rate of 15 per cent after 3 years. * Rs. 6000/- p.m. and Rs. 8000/- p.m. for class 'B' and 'A' cities respectively. C - Non-recurring expenditure on Home Assistance for office furniture, beds, bedding, machines and other items of permanent use by the residents. 35,000 Recreation & Development activities (TV, Radio and Indoor Games) 15,000 Total (in the 1st year) 4,51,350 Recurring grant will be released in two installments. Non-recurring grant will be sanctioned only once at the time of starting a new Short Stay Home. For this scheme there will be a District Level Committee which will consist of : District Magistrate (Chairperson) District Superintendent of Police NGO(s) implementing the scheme One Socially active woman One Representative from a Women's Organisation District Welfare Officer - Convener Tasks to be performed by this Committee are: To monitor and review the functioning of these Homes; To suggest steps for sustainable rehabilitation of the inmates and to review these measures; To review the steps for the safety of the inmates; To review the facilities available to the inmates; To encourage community participation in these efforts; and To link other schemes with these Homes Eligibility Conditions The organisation should have a properly constituted Managing Body with its powers, duties and responsibilities clearly defined and laid down in written. Its financial position should be sound. It should have facilities, resources, experience and personnel to initiate the scheme for which assistance is sought. It should not be run for profit to any individual or body of individuals. It should have three years experience after its registration. Procedure for Applying New Homes Proposal in the prescribed application should be submitted through the State Government with their recommendations for sanctioning new homes to Deputy Secretary (MD) Department of Women and Child Development Jeevandeep Building 1st Floor, Sansad Marg New Delhi-110 001 Tel.: 3368535 Fax: 3348521 It will however be open to the Central Government to entertain an application directly from an institution/organisation of an all India character. Old Homes For the homes already sanctioned, application for the release of grants may be sent to: The Executive Director Central Social Welfare Board Samaj Kalyan Bhawan B 12 Tara Crescent South of IIT New Delhi-110 016 Tel.: 6865474 Fax: 6960057 Documents to be enclosed as referred in the application form. Short Stay Home for Women and Girls Application Form Part-A-The Organisation Part-B-The Proposal Full address of the proposed location of the Short Stay Home: District Block Pin Code Telephone No. with STD Code Whether the location is a District HQ, Block HQ, Tehsil HQ or village Accommodation available for the Short Stay Home No. of rooms Total Area (Sq. feet) Rooms Kitchen Toilets Store Verandah Open Space Total Is it rent-free accommodation Classification of proposed beneficiaries Type of Problem No. of Women proposed Beneficiaries In moral danger Victims of Rape Cruelty by family members Deserted by Husband Family Discard Others (please specify) Total No. of Family Counselling Centres in the District Is your NGO running any Family Counselling Centre No. of Destitute Homes run by the State Govt. in your District Signature of Secretary/President Date: Part-C-Proforma for Pre-sanction Appraisal Report Part-D-Recommendation by State Government.