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The National Creche Fund was set up with a corpus fund to meet the growing requirement of opening more creche centres. The services provided under the scheme includes day-care facilities, supplementary nutrition, medical, health care and recreation. Objective To meet the growing demands for creches and to provide day care facilities to the children in vulneruble age group of 0-5 years. Implementing Agencies The scheme is being implemented through voluntary organisations/mahila mandals and States/UTs. Target Group/Beneficiaries Children below the age 5 years whose parents income does not exceed Rs.1800/- per mensem, children of agricultural labourers, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and of women employed in employment generating schemes such as Support no Training and Employment Programme for Women (STEP) and Norwegian Agency for International Development (NORAD) and children of families who were victims of communal violence. Pattern of Assistance The scheme envisages that 75 per cent of the centres to be assisted by the National Creche Fund would be general creches and 25 per cent of centres would be Anganwadi-cum-Creche Centres. General Creches A. Recurring grant Ceilling of expenditure Grant Honorarium to creche workers Rs. 800/- p.m. per creche. Rs.800/- p.m. Supplementary Nutrition per creche (for 25 children @ 105 paise per day) 90 per cent for 26 days. Rs.682/- p.m. Rs.615/- p.m. Contingencies & emergency medicines per month per crech 90 per cent Rs.139/- p.m. Rs.125/- p.m. Total Rs.1,540/- p.m. B. Non-recurring Rs.4,000/- to meet the initial cost of establishing the creche. The central funding from NCF is limited only for a period of 5 years and thereafter the institutions or the voluntary organisations will take up the scheme on self-supporting basis. Anganwadi cum Creches The scheme envisages that 25 per cent of centres to be assisted by the NCF would be Angawadi-cum-Creche Centres which would be set up by converting some of the existing Anganwadis into Angawadi-cum-centre Centres. The Anganwadi-cum-Creche Centre is run by the same agency which runs the ICDS Scheme, which in most cases is the State Governments. The Aganwadi-cum-Creche Centre works for 8 hours a day and another worker is provided to run the centre for the remaining 4 hours. The agency selected for running the Aganwadi-cum-Creche Centres, would receive an assistance of Rs.8,100/- per creche per annum under a schematic pattern of assistance. This includes honorarium to 2 creche workers per creche @ Rs.600/- per month and contingency and emergency expenditure @ 75/- per initial cost of establishing the Anganwadi-cum-Creche Centres is also sanctioned. Eligibility Conditions The State Government, Voluntary Organisations, Mahila Mandals with a known record of service in the field of child welfare and registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (21 of 1860) or Registered as a Public Trust at least for the last two years are eligible for applying for financial assistance from the fund. Procedure for Applying Proposal in the prescribed application should be sent through the State Government to Member Secretary National Creche Fund Department of Women and Child Development 1st Floor, Jeevandeep Building, Sansad Marg, New Delhi - 110 001 Tel. No. 3365192, Fax 3348521 Documents to be enclosed along with the proposal (i) A copy (preferably photocopy) of the registration certificate duly attested by a Gazetted Officer; (ii) A copy of Memorandum of Association/Bye-Laws of the Organisation duly signed/attested by the applicant; (iii) List of members of the managing committee with their qualifications and occupations; (iv) Copies of annual reports and audited statements of accounts for the last two year duly signed/attested by the applicant. Application Form National Creche Fund Name and address of organisation Nature of the organisation Date of establishment of the organisation Brief history and a brief account of the activities of the organisations since its inception. Whether the organisation is registered under any low for the time being in force? If so, the details thereof. Whether the organisation is of a National/State/district level Whether the organisation is in receipt of organisational assistance from the Department of Women and Child Development or the Ministry of Welfare of the Government of India? If so, details thereof? Whether the organisation is in receipt of assistance from the Central Government for any programme? if so, details thereof. Whether the organisation is in receipt of assistance from the State Government for any programme? If so, details thereof including amount, year and purpose separately for each grant. Whether the organisation receives grant from Central State Social Welfare Board or State Social Welfare Board? If so, details thereof, including amount, year and purpose separately for each grant. Whether the organisation receives grant in cash or kind in any other organisation in India or in a foreign country? If so, details thereof. Details of the proposed proposal for which Assistance is sought from the Creche Fund. The expertise/experience that the organisation has in planning and implementing such programmes/services. Amount of grant sough from National Creche Fund. Attested copies of documents/Statements to be attached with the application. Registration Certificate Constitution of the organisation, articles of memorandum and aims and objectives Annual reports of last two years (a separate report for each year). This report should briefly describe each programme undertaken and the physical targets achieved for each. The location of the projects/ activities should also be mentioned. List of present members/office bearers of the Board of Management/ Executive Committee, date on which it was constituted present tenure (give dates) Staff of the organisation (give name, scale of pay, present emoluments. Audited statement of accounts of the entire Organisation; (a) balance sheet (b) income and expenditure accounts; and (c) receipt and payment account certified by a Chartered Accountant or a Government Auditor. The statements should be furnished for the last two years. Any other papers the organisation would like to attach. Withholding of any information or furnishing incorrect information can lead to cancellation of sanction recovery of grant and/or other action under the law. Place Signature of Secretary of the organisaton Date Name