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This programme, partially assisted by NORAD, aims to improve the lives of poor women by training them in traditional and non-traditional trades viz. electronics , watch assembly, basic and advanced computer training, garment making, secretarial practice, embroidery etc. and to ensure their employment in these areas.


To train women, preferably in the non-traditional areas and to ensure their employment.

Implementing Agencies
The scheme is implemented by Public Sector Undertakings / Corporations /Women's Development Centres of Universities and Voluntary Organizations registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 or corresponding State Act.

Target Group/Beneficiaries>

Poor and needy women in urban slums and rural areas and women from weaker sections such as Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Pattern of Assistance Under the scheme financial assistance would cover: Construction of shed for training-cum-production purpose if required. Training cost. Stipend to the trainees and attendance performance incentive wherever eligible. Training kit necessary for training-cum-production. Dormitory facilities for the working women, if required. Seed money as initial working capital, if required. Day care centre. Management training.