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Delhi Commission for Women was set-up in 1996 as per provisions of the Delhi Commission for Women Act 1994, under the aegis of the Department of Women and Child Development, Delhi Government for empowerment of women including information dissemination of rights enshrined in various women friendly social legislations.


  • Sahyogini, a family counseling unit - Delhi Commission for Women is running a family counseling unit, Sahyogini since 1997 - where sensitive family issues like divorce, rape, child custody, sexual harassment at work place etc. can be discussed, counseling undertaken and reconciliation attempted at the pre litigation stage.
  • Women Helpline - To help women in distress, Helpline (23379181) was started in March 2000, by Delhi Commission for Women. The issues dealt with include, matrimonial discord, family adjustment problems, rape, dowry deaths and other miscellaneous problems of women. During 2010-11, Helpline received 4324 calls of different nature, seeking advise/counseling and 2292 cases were registered by distressed women.
  • Rape Crises Cell was started by the Commission in September, 2005 in view of the rising trend of sexual abuse of women/girls in Delhi. This cell works 24 hours a day throughout the year.
  • Mahila Panchayat Programme has been restarted by Delhi Commission for Women from September 2010. 22 NGOs are also associated with this programme and most of them have organized Legal Awareness Camps to create awareness in the communities, where they are functional.
  • Mobile Helpline Van - A 24 hour Mobile Helpline Van (1800-11-9292) has been started in July 2008 by Delhi Commission for Women to provide immediate relief to women in distress. It dealt with 5706 cases during 2010-11.